Students thrive in learning environments where they feel seen, valued, and have choice in their learning.

We believe teachers deserve more support in creating these environments.

We have 4 principles that guide our work everyday:

Children are naturally curious & capable, and should be given opportunities to drive their own learning.

Educators are experts, and with the right support and resources, they make magic happen.

Nothing is more important than relationships, and technology should be a tool to nurture those relationships.

All children deserve access to a high-quality, engaging education where diversity of all kinds is valued and celebrated.

Meet the Founders

SchoolStack was founded by educators who understand the power of learner-centered instruction.
Sarah Schwartz Co-founder/CEO

Sarah Schwartz


Education has been my lifelong passion! Before SchoolStack, I was a high school English teacher. I’ve been all about student-centered learning since the beginning of my career, when I taught at a project-based learning school in Sweden. Students had autonomy and were engaged, hardworking, and happy at school - I was hooked! I became a teacher because I’m passionate about helping all students become the drivers of their own learning, and I’m excited to now be doing this on a larger scale!

Co-founder/Chief Product Officer

Hal Schwartz

Co-founder/Chief Product Officer

Over the past 16 years, I’ve served in various roles in education: teacher, Director of Curriculum/Instruction, and most recently elementary school principal. I’ve worked in unique schools across sectors: public, private, magnet, and charter. After working in schools across the country, I’ve learned that no matter the location or makeup of a school community, children thrive when they feel valued and have choice in their learning. I’m passionate about helping educators create these environments for all students!

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