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We’re all about learner agency, choice, and variability. Watch this video to see SchoolStack in action:

Say hello to your new favorite teaching tool: SchoolStack, an Instructional Design System.

To design great instruction and prepare students for the future, educators need more support in making it happen.

Here’s how it works:

Create a lesson page

Teachers create lessons

  • Choose from our lesson library or create your own
  • Set a goal for students
  • Design for learner variability

Color-code and arrange Student Stack

  • Choose a color for your lessons
  • Drag & drop lessons onto the Student Stack grid (like a choice board!)
  • Provide directions & send to students
Student stack page

Students check out their Stacks

  • They select the lessons they’ll complete
  • They drag & drop those lessons onto their Learning Plans
  • Then they get to work!

Use formative & student self-assessment tools for feedback

  • Teachers can include exit ticket question(s) in lessons
  • Students can do a quick self-assessment to check for understanding
  • Use real time feedback to guide instruction
Finished Lesson page
Dashboard page

Teachers, students, & caregivers track data

  • Check progress towards Stack completion
  • Get student level insights
  • Stay up-to-date on formative and self-assessment data

Designing great instruction matters. And let’s be real. Educators, you’re superheroes human, and juggle a lot. You deserve support in creating student-centered, research-based instruction.

It’s time to streamline your instructional design and bring research-based best practices to life!

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