A simple tool to personalize learning and provide students with choice.

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Teaching and technology, simplified.

You don't have to be a tech guru to use SchoolStack.

SchoolStack is an easy-to-use tool that can help you:


Make great use of your technology to enhance learning and engage students


Focus on student-centered classrooms that provide students with choice and autonomy


Personalize education to meet each student's needs and interests

We're completely obsessed with simplicity

✔️ Organize all learning content in one place

✔️ Color-code assignments/subjects however you want!

✔️ Create your own lessons, or choose from our curriculum library

✔️ Integrate easily with LMSs & other tech tools

✔️ Designed for learning anytime, anywhere (in-person, hybrid, and/or remote)

We prioritize what's best for teachers & students

✔️ Easily collaborate with colleagues

✔️ Personalize learning to meet your students' needs/interests

✔️ Students can drag & drop lessons to create schedules, track progress, and have choice

✔️ Stay up-to-date on student progress & data with teacher dashboards

✔️ Easily keep caregivers in the know

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Get ready to stack the deck for your students. 


Rave Reviews

from our current users

"SchoolStack's an incredible support for our schools, students, and families. It takes the stress off of teachers, and it’s so simple for students and families to use! They have a robust curriculum library with lessons that are engaging and aligned to our curriculum standards."

“Teachers and families need a dependable, flexible and intuitive tool to personalize learning and offer students choice. SchoolStack is that tool! It supports teachers in providing high quality, research-aligned support to meet the needs of all students.”

"SchoolStack has been an absolute blessing to our school, faculty, and especially our students! I’m really not sure how we would’ve gotten through this school year without it."

— Phyllis C.

Chief Academic Officer 

— Hedi B.

Director of School Improvement

— Denise M.

3rd Grade Teacher

About Us

Hi! We're Hal & Sarah Schwartz, we're former educators and the founders of SchoolStack. Here are the four principles that guide the work we do everyday:

  • Children are naturally curious and capable, and they should be given opportunities to drive their own learning.
  • Educators are experts, and with the right support and resources, they make magic happen.
  • In a school setting, nothing is more important than relationships, and technology should be a tool to nurture those relationships.
  • All children deserve access to a high-quality, engaging education, and to classrooms where diversity of all kinds is valued and celebrated.

Sarah Schwartz

Sarah's a former high school english teacher, and she's had the opportunity to work and learn in some really amazing schools. In college, she was fortunate to teach in a school in Sweden, where she fell in love with student-centered/project-based learning. Then, she worked at a small, project-based learning high school in North Carolina before moving back to PA for grad school. With Hal, she's also homeschooling their 4 kids this year, so that's been quite a learning experience, too!

Hal Schwartz

Hal's a former elementary school Principal, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, and teacher. He's worn many hats in many unique schools. He started his teaching career at a boarding school in South Dakota, and then worked at a magnet school in North Carolina. He also worked at several different private, public, and charter schools in Philadelphia. Most recently, he was the principal of a progressive school in Indianapolis. His time in all of these diverse settings has shown him that real learning is sparked by meaningful and authentic experiences.

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